Friday, June 19, 2009

Love is blind... really?

People keep saying love is blind. What do they mean actually? What does it mean actually? Is it something like you will forgive whatever your lover does? Or does it mean accepting him/her as they are be it good or bad? What about giving them the best that you can? Or giving them more than you can afford to?

What is love? There are many interpretations of love out there. What is your version of love? To me, it doesn't matter what other people think. What is important is, that you and your lover have the same interpretation of love. This makes it easier for both to accept who they are and who their lovers are. Simply put, to be "on the same channel".

Love is very fluid and involves many emotions. It cannot be dissected and researched to yield a definitive answer. It cannot be fathomed or understood by a 3rd party. It cannot be measured with the same yardstick so... who are we to say that love is blind?

Some are willing to die for their lovers while there are some who prefers to live. Some are willing to sacrifice while some only care about how much they are getting. We all get worked up when we see lopsided love but who are we to judge them and say that it is a lopsided love?

I have no idea why i wrote this piece. It just erm... came to my mind and... I just babbled here. Oh well, who cares about what I think. Most importantly, what do you think? What is your version of love? Does your lover share the same thoughts on love that you do?

It seems a lil bit depressing to write about this topic on a Friday. We all want a good relationship that has a fairy tale ending to it. It'll be nice won't it. Just like Taylor Swift's version of Romeo and Juliet.

I love the song btw...


  1. So Meghan Fox is the one. WHAT???!!!

  2. shocker isn't it? oh well... i hope its a really bad joke or else its really "more than meets the eye" LOL

  3. A very beautiful post! Thanks for sharing! Hope that you will continue to blog. A real pity to see that you have not blogged since 2009. Time to start again? :-)

    Thanks for visiting my blog and for sharing your witty comment. Take care and do keep in touch!