Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Matthew!!!

My bro was blessed by a very cute baby boy last year and time really flies... Matthew is 1 year old now!!! My nephew is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute... like his uncle (ME!!!) lolz... Anyway, we had a great time as we could celebrate Baby Matthew's birthday and also Father's Day for my dad and also my bro's father-in-law.

Baby Matthew

We had hi-tea at Eastin Hotel's Swez Brasserie and to be frank, the food this time was a let down. We had been there before and I could remember that the food was much tastier a year ago. Oh well, maybe they changed chefs.

My first helping consisted of fried rice, roast lamb, mutton rendang with potatoes, chicken rendang, chicken satay and also brinjals fried with belacan.

I'm on a diet so you don't see a mountain here... :P

Interestingly, I think my diet plan and also my self control over over eating is yielding results. I could only eat 2 helpings, compared to 4 or 5 in the past. I don't know if this is good news (for my health) or bad news (for paying so much but eating so little)... Sigh... I just took a little bit of wan tan mee, roast lamb (i have a soft spot for roast lamb), mixed vege and also the brinjals again.

My 2nd feeble attempt at the buffet line...

As for all chinese birthdays, there's the customary red egg... although i have absolutely no idea how this tradition started. I had my egg, which was pretty dry as there was nothing to go with it. The waiter took my plate that had some gravy left on it... crap -___-"

Only the shells survived the onslaught of my erm... appetite

Vanilla ice cream... my fav flavour... 2 scoops only though...

The cake!!!

I never liked Barney so I had no problems gobling him up.

I was actually very surprised by my (lack of) appetite. I guess my stomach is really shrinking, which is good. Now I just need to get off my lazy ass and start working out again. Diet only works if you exercise. Yeah... I'm soooooooooooo motivated... lolz...


  1. But I like Barney... I can sing all the songs... =p

  2. uh... u really can sing all the songs? i'm surprised and erm... impressed! lol...