Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Car Wash... with a surprise!!!

MLOC (Mitsubishi Lancer Owners Club) was invited by AFOS to display our cars for AFOS 2009 so I took my car last Saturday to Raydiance Autospa @ Sunway Mentari to clean her up for the AFOS event on Sunday. Guess what? I saw the VS Fortune FD3S there!!!

My Evo getting cleaned up. White cars are so hard to maintain :(

Will share pics on the actual day soon... lotsa MLOC monsters gathered on Sunday...

P/S - Raydiance Autospa is located at Sunway Mentari and Raymond is a very friendly guy. He personally attended to my car the first time I went there (about a month ago) to get a polish+wax for my car. Visit RA's website HERE for more info.


  1. Wor........ nice Evo you have:)

  2. just browse ur blog...just saw ur ride...damn nice wei!!kudos to u...wish ur rim fit to my a31...sure everybody jeles wei....ahahaa