Thursday, June 11, 2009

Formula Drift Singapore Pro Am 2009

Formula Drift Singapore is back again!!! Although I can't get media pass for this event, I'm still going there to shoot from the Grandstands and give our local drifters full support!!! Let's hope a Malaysian will win this year. Last year's FDSG was great and I don't expect any less this year as well.

Anyone familiar with Singapore and knows where to jalan-jalan cari makan? I'm planning to go on Friday and then coming back on Monday. Appreciate if you all could share places to stay, eat and chill out.

Formula Drift Singapore 2008

Visit my Flickr site for the pics of FDSG 2008.

See you all this July!!!


  1. seesh.

    tak dapat media pass. haih~~

  2. i didn't get media pass this year too bro... they are very strict :(