Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I hear voices...

I hear voices... well, either that or I have a multiple personality disorder. Here's what happened recently.

Me : I really need a more powerful car.

Me (2) : Yeah. You definitely need to change your car. A paralyzed snail can overtake you in the blink of an eye.

Me : Huh? Who's that?

Me (2) : I'm me, or rather, I'm you.

Me : WTF?

Me (3) : I agree. You might not be able to afford a R34 GTR but a GTT is within range. Then there's the S15 also.

Me : OMG! I'm hearing voices!

Me (2) : Nah... You're just talking to yourself.

Me : I'm talking to myself?

Me (3) : You just answered your own question.

Me : But...

Me (2) : You should also consider an Evo or a Scooby as you like 'em anyway. Roy would be a great help if you get a Scooby and need help to tune it.

Me : But...

Me (4) : You guys are crazy. Who goes for turbos nowadays? Fuel prices are unstable. You'll never know when the govt is gonna suddenly increase the fuel price again. Go NA. Although it's expensive, but Type R is brand new and comes with a 3 years warranty compared to those recond cars.

Me : But...

Me (2) : Although NA is easier and cheaper to maintain, the tune up will cost you a lot more. The limited power increase doesn't justify the costs. Turbo-charging is still the best option for huge power increases.

Me (3) : Yeah. You can have 500 horses easily under the hood and yet still won't be breaking your engine. Of course, your engine internals will need work, which is another costly affair. However, it is still relatively cheaper compared to NA tuning.

Me : Wait... Can you guys...

Me (4) : True. Na tune up will most often not be able to match turbo-charging power increases unless there is a huge displacement change. However, our weather and traffic conditions really discourages the ownership of a turbo-charged car.

Me : Erm... You guys think I print money?

Me (2, 3, 4) : No but you could start planning your finances and cash flow. You could also start selling your ass or something. Just shut up and go get your dream car.

Me (5) : Anybody wants my ass? I'm willing to negotiate to meet your price.

Me : WTF???!!!

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