Monday, January 5, 2009

Everybody Lies...

I am a huge fan of House. He is an addict, anti-social, pessimist, realist and most importantly, the best diagnostician in America. Heck, even the CIA flew him in their private jet to Langley for a consult in Season 4. He steadfastly clings on to the notion that "Everybody Lies" and solves all the cases in the end. Season 4's ending had quite a twist and it was really really different and I was surprised and also amazed how it played out. Kudos to the whole production crew of House.

Anyway, what really "drew" me to this series was his firm belief that "Everybody Lies". It's the simplest, plainest and bluntest (if there is such a word) truth. People lie for many reasons but the motivation is always the same, we want something or someone bad enough to lie for it. Problem is, the person being lied to sometimes is willing to "accept" the lie as truth because they also want something or someone badly enough to turn a blind eye to it.

Sound familiar? Welcome to the world of myopic utopia - where everybody lies and everybody else lives in a life full of lies. Hold on... wait a moment. This is maybe a bit too harsh. It's the beginning of a new year!!! Why so glum? Not everyone lives a lie right?

It's up for interpretation really. You can pick whichever side that you feel more comforting. I for one, am not going to ask the other 6 billion (and still growing) world population if they are living a life full of lies.

I doubt that I will stop lying to myself or to others. I can't even say that I won't lie to hurt others but one thing is clear - I will make it a point not to lie about my feelings to others.

I will make known my real feelings to my family and friends, that I am who I am because of them. I exist because they exist. I believe that will be the greatest truth that you can tell to your loved ones instead of holding it inside and assume that they know.

Do the secret (erm... actually everyone does the same thing) brotherhood handshake. Slap the guys on the back. Hug the girls (don't simply go hugging strangers or you'll get slapped, arrested and charged in court). Hug your parents. Tell them that you love them. They aren't getting any younger. It'll be nice to know that you still love them even though you never seem to be at home due to work or partying outside with friends. Hug your siblings, even if you hate them. Kiss your gf/bf/spouse and tell them that you love them.

We all live on borrowed time on this planet and we all don't mind lying about anything and everything. It would be nice to be truthful when it matters most. Go tell someone that you love them. Happy New Year!!!


  1. wow~ u addicted to house too?? Me too, i used to, but not anymore since axn is repeating the old season again and again.

    So...everybody lies~ . Freak world isnt it? Hypocrites everywhere~


  2. april : i download through torrent now. am downloading season 5. hehehehe...

    shirley : tks ^^ btw, see you on 18th ya ;)