Thursday, January 8, 2009


This blog is gonna be a one hell of a venting session. Do not read if you are offended by extreme profanity.


Someone once sent me slides on the journey of life, where we are all on board a train. We stop at multiple stations whereby passengers get either on or off the train. We meet all kinds of people. In this realistic and materialistic world, we will meet a fare share of bad people.

The thing about bad people is that you know that they are bad right from the start. You can recognize them and then you can stay away from them. What happens when you meet a good person and start building a relationship with him?

You become friends with him. You hang out with him. You trust him. You rely on him to help you with some stuff. Then you get betrayed by him. What happens? WTF happens then? WTF happens when this bastard betrays your trust, cheats you off your money and continues to put up an innocent face?

WTF happens when that sonofabitchmotherfuckingbastard mismanages the money that you entrust to him? WTF happens when he keeps delaying paying you back the money even though he knows he committed a criminal offense?

Can I fucking push him out of the train? Can I fucking tie a rope to his dick and then push him out of the train? Or would it be more fun if I tie a rope to his balls and then push him out of the train? What other tortuous things can I do to such motherfuckingbastards?

Fuck you! FUCK YOU!!! You wanna play games with me? I'll take this to the police. I will fucking make your life difficult. I wanna see how you can still do business. I wanna see how you fucking get destroyed and have to beg for money to feed your fat ass.

You have no shame. I pity your family. I pity your wife for having an asshole like you for a husband. I pity your kids for having an asshole for a father. You brought this on yourself and your family gets dragged into it because of your own greed. Fuck you!!! You are nothing except a parasite that wastes precious oxygen on this planet!!! FUCK YOU!!!


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