Sunday, January 4, 2009

Do you see what I see?

I daydream a lot. It's a form of retreat where I visualize my own world - a place where everything is perfect. Although having dreams are essential because they drive you to work harder to achieve your goals, it is also a vicious hand that leaves you reeling after you slap yourself for being too unrealistic or over-confident. Oh well, I guess you can't have it your way all the time - which is true. If you always get what you want - you'll end up bored with your own life. I don't believe about being content with what you have.

If our ancestors were content with their lives, we would still be walking instead of driving; eating raw food instead of chilling out at a restaurant and waiting to be served; drawing on the cave walls instead of blogging; chasing after some animal to hunt for food instead of chasing after girls, career, money, or whatever that makes us tick; having sex just to pass time instead of having sex to feel good (now that would really be boring); I'm sure you get the point right?

2008 has been a year full of crap and I am extremely confident of bitching throughout 2009 about what went wrong in 2008 but I know that nothing will change and 2009 will be another crappy year for me if I don't change my attitude. I tend to be pessimistic most of the time and am quick to react, sometimes too quick for my own good so...

My 2009 resolution is to learn to let go and start looking at things from a different perspective. I see a great year ahead for me. Do you?


  1. OFcuz i do, year 2009 will be good, and waiyin will be a even better do u!!

  2. looking forward to the new wai yin ^^