Saturday, April 4, 2009

What a let down

Ever felt like you were being held by the balls and you can't do anything about it? This is exactly how I feel now. For fucks sake, I should be at the MLOC AGM but thanks to someone, I still don't have my car yet and am unable to join this mega event where there's even TV coverage. WTF!!!

Keep asking me to join the AGM, promising that he can get things done and I'll get my car in time so I can join the AGM and yet, a paralyzed snail would have submitted the fucking documents centuries ago. How long does it take for you to bloody drive to a bank and submit your fucking documents? You need a millennium is it?

This is so damn fucking frustrating. I'm supposed to be meeting new people, making new friends, having fun by tearing up the tarmac during the convoy, shoot pics and have a fucking great time but now, I'm stuck at home wondering when will I get my car because of his indifference. I really fucking hate this. My weekend is screwed. I'm so damn pissed and frustrated and depressed right now.

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