Saturday, April 4, 2009

More ranting

Since I'm in a foul mood now, I might as well continue ranting. There's this guy that I seriously doubt his manhood. For starters, he's almost 30 years old and his dad sends him to work everyday. WTH? I've heard of fathers sending their daughters to work but seriously, a father sending his son to work? A FATHER SENDING HIS ALMOST 30 YEAR OLD SON TO WORK? When asked why doesn't he drive his dad's car, he complains that its a manual gearbox. It was funny and also irritating when he kept asking others where they lived and if they could provide him with transportation to and from work. Wow... what a spoiled brat. When asked why he doesn't buy a car, he goes raving mad and says he doesn't have any money and if you will pay for his car. I was on the verge of telling him to STFU, don't be a sissy and embarrass the guys, go get a car and get a life brat. Don't act like people owe you anything. People like you give us guys the bad name.

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