Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hotel Re!

My media pass for FDSG 2009

Eye of Singapore

Hotel Re - The official hotel sponsor for FDSG 2009

staying at 4th floor, room 5

cool option - privacy (mutes doorbell) and make up room button for a 3 star hotel.

bonus link card comes in handy everytime, keeps the power on and therefore a cool room

Philips wall mounted LCD TV...

the centralized aircon that isn't very cold :(

i like buttons :P

the place where we KO at night after a burning hot and tiring day of shooting...

(expensive) room service anyone?

mini bar

that will cost you an arm and a leg -__-"

'the seat' for our human wastegate

the standing shower area is just beside the wash basin

L'Occitane toiletries... but made me smell like Strepsils... yucks...

strepsils smelling shower gel

strepsils smelling shampoo

strepsils smelling conditioner

i have no fucking idea why some of the pics are not upright even after i had rotated it... sigh...


  1. you like strepsils but i don't think you'd like to smell like one right? lol...